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About Marturano Homes

My name is Alfonso ‘Alfie’ Marturano and I head up our merry and enthusiastic band of Property Conductors. I dream up and create opportunities and organize the finances. My experience and skill set allow me to manage the Professional teams that allow up to bring my visions to life. Unfortunately for Fabio, he is tasked with the practical element of brining my dreams to life and managing the Trades teams on sites.

We have been renovating properties for ourselves since 2004 and have built outstanding relationships with local Estate Agents, Solicitors, Local Authority departments, trades people, suppliers, etc.

Here we are on an average weekend being outdoors together. I am on the far right.

My personal experience includes Royal Marine Commando, Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, business owner in sectors as diverse as commercial cleaning and children’s nursery. I have had interests in improving childcare and Scouting locally.
Firstly, however I am a father, husband, adventurer. We spend our weekends camping and exploring the Munros ‘mountains’ or playing ‘taxi’ driver to rugby, skiing, netball, dancing to our 3 awesome children.

I am so proud of them and will always set the best example I can for them. Our children work with us renovating properties along with my brother and our teams of trades people, some of whom have worked with us for 16 years. Our values guide us rather than profit margins.
We have an amazing quality of life and I will not do anything to upset that. I choose to work with investors as I like to help others rather than simply add to the coffers of a huge banking organization with no soul.
Please feel free to get in touch for a chat on 07904602781